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Concerned fans are tagging Buddy Matthews in Rhea Ripley’s latest tweet about Dominik Mysterio

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May 11, 2023

Wrestling Twitter is going gaga over Rhea Ripley calling Dominik Mysterio ‘breathtaking.’

At this point, The Nightmare isn’t shying away from making her feelings known when it comes to Dominik Mysterio. The duo has gotten incredibly close over the past few months. Ripley has been posting romantic messages on her Twitter handle for ,the Judgment Day member one after the other.

A fan recently shared a picture of Dominik and referred to him as “literally breathtaking.” Rhea Ripley noticed the tweet and quickly agreed with the statement. The Eradicator’s tweet received a bunch of hilarious reactions from fans, with many of them feeling sorry for Buddy Matthews, Ripley’s real-life boyfriend.

Check out the tweets below:

Buddy Matthews has previously commented on Rhea Ripley and Dominik getting close on-screen

Ripley recently shared a photo with Dominik Mysterio on Instagram. The picture received an interesting response from Buddy Matthews. You can check it out HERE.

The Nightmare recently had a chat with Michael Fairman and opened up about her on-screen relationship with Dominik Mysterio. She revealed that she didn’t think that the storyline with Dom would work.

Check out the full comments below:

“Once I found out that Dom was on the same page as me, it just clicked. [It worked so well, right?] Yeah, I never thought that it would work, and I don’t think Dom thought it would work either, especially because we barely really talked beforehand. It was just like a ‘hi’ ‘bye.’ Yeah, I mean we just said ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ And that’s about it. But like being a part of the women’s division, I’m so far away from the men’s division. But now, I’m a part of The Judgment Day, so I’m more in it with them. So, I get to make all these new friends.” [H/T Hindustan Times]

Fortunately, the storyline took off, and Rhea and Dominik are two of the most entertaining acts on WWE TV today.

It would be interesting to see how far WWE manages to take this romantic angle.

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