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RAW Superstar “shouldn’t even worry” about Roman Reigns anymore, according to WWE Hall of Famer (Exclusive)

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May 11, 2023

Teddy Long believes Cody Rhodes shouldn’t worry about Roman Reigns anymore, as his focus must be Brock Lesnar after this week’s WWE RAW.

The American Nightmare walked out with a surprise win over The Beast Incarnate at Backlash 2023. While most predicted a one-sided beatdown by Brock Lesnar, Cody shocked fans after turning a Kimura Lock by Lesnar into a pinfall for the win.

However, things were far from over between the two, as Lesnar laid out Cody Rhodes on RAW and challenged him to another match. Being the fighting babyface he is, Cody accepted the bout for Night of Champions.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long first praised Brock Lesnar. The WWE legend compared him to Chris Jericho, saying both could sustain their heat back even after losing.

The Hall of Famer also pointed out that Lesnar’s attack on Cody Rhodes was so heinous that the latter should be focused on exacting revenge and not worry about Roman Reigns and the Undisputed Universal Title.

“Brock is a guy just like Chris Jericho. You could beat him; he knows how to get his heat back, and he showed you that this past week on RAW. But now it’s really more interesting because Cody shouldn’t even worry about Roman Reigns and that title. I’ll make it personal. Now you really want to get Brock; he has defamed you and embarrassed you,” said Teddy Long. (10:20 – 10:45)

Check out the full video below:

Teddy Long thinks WWE is headed in the right direction

The former SmackDown General Manager explained that though Cody Rhodes still wanted to finish the story, the feud with Brock Lesnar should be his bigger worry now.

Teddy Long applauded WWE’s creative team for their booking, saying they were progressing in the right direction by building Cody to secure another major win.

“So that title, you want it, but it doesn’t mean anything now. What means now is for you to get another victory over Brock Lesnar. I don’t know when’s that happening, but they are certainly headed in the right direction,” said Teddy Long. (10:45 – 10:57)

Roman Reigns will return to WWE on this week’s SmackDown and lay the seeds for his next title defense, possibly at Night of Champions 2023.

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