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[WATCH] When a 6-time champion made Solo Sikoa laugh for the first time

ByRD Media

May 11, 2023

Solo Sikoa’s serious demeanor has made him one of the most intimidating superstars in WWE. While the 30-year-old star has done admirably well to stay in character, even he couldn’t help but smile because of Sami Zayn during a house show!

Just like how every talent tried their best to make The Undertaker break kayfabe back in the day, it seemed like Sami Zayn had also accepted the challenge to make The Bloodline members corpse during their segments. Jey Uso was an easy target, as you’d find a lengthy compilation of him hilariously laughing when he wasn’t supposed to. Sami Zayn revitalized the Samoan storyline and arguably did some of his best work in WWE during his stint as The Honoracy Uce.

The six-time champion was part of The Bloodline during their triumphant effort at Survivor Series: WarGames last year. The faction arrived at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine, the next day for a stacked WWE Sunday Holiday Supershow, where Zayn did the honors of introducing his fellow stablemates.

Solo Sikoa was still new to the main roster and had already developed a reputation for being a dominant and serious force in The Bloodline.

The former NXT star could not help but crack for the first time when Sami Zayn hyped him up. As you can view below in the footage from the live event, Sikoa quickly covered his face as he gathered himself before returning to his default expression:

Solo Sikoa is one of the few superstars who try to be in character even when he’s not on WWE TV. He famously attempted to do the same during his appearance on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel but eventually caved in, as you can view right here.

Solo Sikoa might play an important role in The Bloodline’s demise

The former NXT North American Champion is the closest thing to Umaga WWE has had since the latter terrorized the roster. Solo Sikoa even executes the Samoan Spike in honor of the late, great superstar and has showcased the same intensity inside the squared circle.

Solo made his main roster debut at Clash at the Castle by helping Roman Reigns defeat Drew McIntyre. He’s since been one of the biggest reasons why The Tribal Chief is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The Enforcer of The Bloodline is Roman Reigns’ current favorite, and recent developments have made it evident that The Usos could soon be kicked out of the stable. Solo Sikoa is the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey in real life, and he almost attacked the former tag team champions when they teamed up at Backlash, confirming the apparent dissension between the Anoa’i family members.

Sikoa and The Usos somehow managed to beat the team of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle, but it came at a cost as Sikoa almost hit Jey Uso with the Samoan Spike. Fans have dissected the moment between Jey and Solo and have multiple theories about how it might impact The Bloodline’s immediate future.

While there are multiple possibilities, Solo Sikoa will undoubtedly continue to be Roman Reigns’ right-hand man as The Usos might get booted out of the most dominant group in WWE.

Given how protected Solo is in kayfabe, he could even go against Roman Reigns in the distant future and have a pretty good feud with The Head of the Table.

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