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Roman Reigns might make major announcement on WWE SmackDown and relinquish his titles

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May 12, 2023

Roman Reigns is returning to WWE TV finally for this week’s SmackDown. This will be the first time he shows up on programming since the RAW after WrestleMania 39.

While he has been gone, The Bloodline has fallen apart at the seams. Last week, Solo Sikoa was moments away from hitting his own brother with the Samoan Spike. Things have gone far, and fans expect The Tribal Chief to come back and sort it out. However, there might be something else in the offing.

For a while, there have been hints about Roman Reigns wanting time off after WrestleMania. While he’s practically had a month off, his return from that break might see him shake things up in WWE with an announcement.

The superstar might decide that now, with his career slowly ending in the coming years, he needs to set up the next big star. Multiple times, Reigns has made it clear to the Bloodline that they need to be the best there is to be a part of the faction.

So, although it seems unlikely, he might decide to take a step back from active competition and crown the next leader of the Bloodline while he takes on an advisory role.

For this purpose, he might organize an Anoa’i family tournament, where Solo Sikoa, The Usos, Zilla Fatu, and others outside WWE, like Lance Anoa’i and Jacob Fatu, compete for his titles. This would also see him bring in the new stars.

Roman Reigns would be stopped from carrying out this idea by a newly drafted superstar

Bobby Lashley has been drafted to SmackDown, and it seems inevitable he will go after Roman Reigns. The star would not appreciate being robbed of the chance to challenge for the title and would interrupt the star immediately on such an announcement.

It’s likely that Adam Pearce would approve this challenge, and the two could face each other at the coming Night of Champions event.

Whatever the case, WWE won’t let Reigns relinquish the titles just like that and would go to any lengths to ensure he does not.

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