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Solo Sikoa is not Roman Reigns’ first cousin: Get to know how?

ByRD Media

May 12, 2023

Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns’ relationship as family members is something that many fans are aware of. However, due to the extensive connections in the Anoa’i family, there has been some confusion over how they are really related.

For those wondering, Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns are first cousins, once removed. The term is used when either one of the relatives is one generation away from being first cousins. The Tribal Chief’s first cousin is Rikishi, the father of Solo Sikoa and Jey and Jimmy Uso. Thus Solo, being Rikishi’s son, is Reigns’ first cousin, once removed. This goes for the Usos, too.

Although Solo and Reigns are part of the same family, grew up in the same sport, and later began working at the same wrestling promotion, they were not close. As revealed by Solo Sikoa in the past, he hadn’t seen Roman Reigns prior to his main roster debut at Clash at the Castle. However, they grew closer while working together.

“You know, seeing Roman in Cardiff, I haven’t seen him for like over 20 years. We really weren’t close but he was always around at our house, playing with my brothers, because they were the same age and I was way younger than them. He was always around our house, but I think now coming into the business, I’m starting to get close with him, even though the age gap is there. I’m really starting to get close with him because, I mean, it’s big uce Roman Reigns, he’s been running this game for a while now,” Solo said.

Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns may already have a plan for the future of The Bloodline

After Solo made his debut at Cardiff, it was no surprise that he was immediately added to The Bloodline alongside his brothers, The Usos, and their cousin Roman, with Paul Heyman as the Special Counsel. However, it looks like the lineup of the group may be changing soon.

After The Usos lost the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39, they have been unable to win the belts back. The Tribal Chief hasn’t talked to them since the premium live event.

On the other hand, Sikoa and Heyman still talk to the twins, but there is a lot of tension within the stable. The Wiseman and The Enforcer are seemingly plotting against the former champions. From the looks of it, many fans are convinced that there are multiple teases pointing to The Usos being kicked out of The Bloodline.

It remains to be seen what else will happen to The Bloodline and their relationship in the upcoming weeks.

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