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“Not just once, but twice” – Former world champion comments on Drew McIntyre’s WWE status

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May 15, 2023

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has disappeared since WrestleMania 39. While rumors have been swirling online, one can’t be too certain of what the actual cause is. Hall of Famer and current NXT color commentator Booker T most recently commented on The Scotsman’s current status.

Reliable sources had already revealed prior to the Show of Shows that McIntyre was “banged up” and working through illness. However, due to the former WWE Champion’s persistence to compete at WrestleMania 39, he pushed through.

Amidst all the chaos surrounding Drew McIntyre’s absence, it was announced over draft week that he is one of the newest members of the flagship show’s roster on Monday nights. However, The Scottish Warrior was not included in the World Heavyweight Championship tourney and is yet to appear on RAW.

While speaking on the latest edition of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T brought up McIntyre’s previous release from the company in 2014 and return three years later as a main event talent:

“A guy wants to leave, you let him leave. Drew McIntyre, he’s a guy that has put in the work in WWE, not just once, but twice. So he knows what that system is all about,” said Booker T. “One thing about being in the system, after you’ve been in the system some time for so long, you want to get out.” [10:36-10:56]

Co-host Brad Gilmore and Booker T agreed that Drew McIntyre will be a star and continue to make money irrespective of which promotion he works in.

Fans have seemingly deemed it a foregone conclusion that Drew McIntyre is indeed done with the company and his departure is inevitable.

The non-compete clause that the company imposes may prevent McIntyre from wrestling for another promotion for up to three months after his contract with the global juggernaut company ends in 2024.

Booker T touched on this briefly, saying that he understands why such a clause makes sense as it would badly affect the company if one of its top stars shows up in a rival promotion while being part of a “hot angle.”

Is Drew McIntyre really leaving WWE?

There are several reports that discuss The Scotsman’s unhappiness with his current position, and the lack of character progression on TV is a major problem for the star, along with his aforementioned health issues.

Wade Keller provided a solid update regarding the same last month:

“We alluded to this that there’s been talk that he is unhappy with his current situation in WWE and I’m hearing it’s kind of a mix of creative and money and what kind of offer he’s getting for a renewal. It sounds like WWE is taking seriously the possibility that he is going to let his deal run out rather than agree to something that he believes is less than he deserves or less than what he thinks he has coming,” Keller said.

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Recent word on the rumor mill was that Drew McIntyre would return as a heel to feud with Seth Rollins over the new World Heavyweight Championship. That could still be the plan once The Scottish Warrior returns to RAW.

Read more about what McIntyre had to say about working in the past with the new number-one contender for the title here.

Would you like to see Drew McIntyre win the new World Heavyweight Championship when he returns to Monday Night RAW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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