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“I was violated” – When a WWE fan grabbed Roman Reigns’ “front muscle”

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May 15, 2023

In 2012, Roman Reigns made his WWE main roster debut as a member of The Shield. The group’s entrance saw them head to the ring through the crowd. For a while after The Shield split, The Tribal Chief continued to use the same entrance method.

While walking among the fans, Reigns has had a few awkward encounters. A female fan once grabbed the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion’s behind. Although he told that story in a few interviews, he revealed to Mai FM Radio New Zealand in 2016 that another fan also grabbed his “front muscle.”

“Well, that’s the nice thing about not going through the crowd anymore is, you know, sometimes it’s cool to be able to connect with the crowd and to, you know, dap everybody up. But sometimes I get a little touchy-feely. The lady who got in there [touched his behind], she kinda got in there a little bit. She wanted to give me like I felt like it was that, you know, you give the football slap, you know, like an acknowledgment, ‘good play [thumb up]. Good job. Good lift.’ This was like a ‘good lift! [grab].’ It was just too much. Sometimes, you gotta tone it down,” he said.

The leader of The Bloodline added:

“[Did you figure out who she was?] To be honest it was in the crowd. I mean it was in a crowd of thousands. [So, could it possibly not have been a girl?] Either way I was violated, you know what I mean, either way they touched me where I wouldn’t expect me to be touched. But yeah, and I wouldn’t even, I’ve been grabbed like in my butt before and then someone got me in the front too before. They grabbed my front muscle, you know what I mean. These things happen.” [3:24 – 4:29]

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Roman Reigns will compete at WWE Night of Champions

Last month, Roman Reigns defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. Despite The American Nightmare’s efforts, he lost to The Tribal Chief after interference from Solo Sikoa.

Reigns will now attempt to capture another title when he teams up with his Bloodline stablemate Solo Sikoa to challenge Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia.

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