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Alexa Bliss should have a new male partner when she returns to WWE TV and it’s not Bray Wyatt!

ByRD Media

May 15, 2023

Alexa Bliss has been absent from WWE TV for a long time. Fans have been waiting for The Goddess’ return to regular shows, but they’ve had to wait for a while now.

Bliss was last seen during the 2023 Royal Rumble, where she collided with Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship. Unfortunately, she was not able to win it. This was also around the time that she was regularly distracted by Bray Wyatt’s video packages.

After the loss, she was shown yet another video package of her time with Wyatt and asked by Uncle Howdy if she was truly the one in control.

Whatever plans WWE had for Wyatt clearly did not work out. She was not seen with him in the next few weeks and has been largely missing ever since.

So this time, when she returns to action, WWE should make the call to not put her with Bray Wyatt whenever he returns, but to instead pair her up with another male superstar — Austin Theory.

The United States Champion is a major heel and, while not at the Dominik level of heat, has looked quite capable in his own role. However, there is something clearly missing from his presentation that has stopped him from bursting into the stratosphere in WWE.

By pairing him with Alexa Bliss as a duo, both stars would benefit. Bliss would be helped by Theory’s current momentum, while as a proven immense heel, she would help Theory get that boost to where he needs to be.

Austin Theory could take up another nickname if paired with Alexa Bliss in WWE shows

Alexa Bliss is quite famously known as the Goddess, although she has not been showcasing that side of her character of late. If she does return as the Goddess, then Theory could use it to change his character a little as well, nicknaming himself as the God.

That way, the duo could be known as The God and the Goddess. While both characters are capable of a lot themselves, together, they would be indomitable.

Both stars are more than capable of pulling off the condescending heel characters with the “better than you” attitude that they would need. It might be exactly what is missing from WWE at the moment, as it would ensure a whole new direction in their booking.

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