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Female star returns and 3 other wild predictions for WWE Night of Champions 2023

ByRD Media

May 19, 2023

Only two weeks remain until WWE Night of Champions 2023 hits the screens, revealing a slew of surprising finishes and returns to fans worldwide.

Social media is humming with predictions for the event, which will take place on May 27 at the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia.

So far, five matches have been scheduled for the extravaganza. Among these are the inaugural World Heavyweight Championship and Intercontinental Championship matches, which will be Gunther’s first premium event since WrestleMania. Surreal scenarios could be in store for these high-profile programs.

In this list, we will look at four wild predictions for WWE Night of Champions 2023

Mustafa Ali dethrones Gunther

It’s no secret that Triple H is planning to break multiple historic records. While Roman Reigns is eyeing Hulk Hogan’s feat, Gunther is poised to become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history.

Mustafa Ali arguably doesn’t pose a challenge, as the Austrian has dominated many high-flyers countless times during his reign. However, he will have massive support from the audience in Saudi Arabia. The 054 specialist hasn’t had a title reign for several years, so a win at WWE Night of Champions 2023 will be welcome.

Nonetheless, it would be quite a shocker if Ali manages to end The Ring General’s reign without any proper build-up to such a massive feat. This year he has only defeated mid-card stars such as The Alpha Academy members and Akira Tozawa.

#3. Aliyah returns and confronts the RAW Women’s Champion

Aliyah’s disappearance has been concerning. Absent since September 2022, she is supposedly frustrated by her creative direction. The former Women’s Tag Team Champion is believed to replace Liv Morgan, but Triple H could rather give her a bigger push.

The Arab-Canadian wrestler could confront the winner of Bianca Belair versus Asuka at WWE Night of Champions 2023. She is still in America, just waiting for the call, and there won’t be a better way to make her dream debut in Saudi Arabia than to get a future shot at the RAW Women’s Championship.

WWE seems to be running out of options for challengers for the RAW Women’s Championship. Damage CTRL hunted the gold for over a year, but neither they nor Asuka managed to dethrone Bianca Belair. Aliyah will be a much-needed change in the title contention if The EST potentially continues her 400+ day reign.

#2. Drew McIntyre lays out AJ Styles after the latter wins at WWE Night of Champions 2023

The Scottish Warrior is rumored to have a rivalry with Seth Rollins. What would be more interesting is if he attacks AJ Styles after the latter’s win at WWE Night of Champions 2023. This will jumpstart a triple-threat feud that could continue for months on RAW, eventually branching out to include Cody Rhodes and Finn Balor.

1. Cody Rhodes squashes Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions 2023


One of the top-tier feuds developing on RAW, Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar are believed to have a trilogy – a series of three matches. The American Nightmare won at Backlash, and Brock Lesnar is expected to win the next, but Triple H could have a surprise up his sleeve on the road to the summer.

Rumors indicated at a squash match between Rhodes and Lesnar prior to their Backlash showdown. That wasn’t on the script. However, WWE Night of Champions 2023 could employ such a finish. The American Nightmare manhandling The Beast will bolster his heroic character substantially.

Brock Lesnar has been featured in Crown Jewel events since its inception in 2018. He is arguably more popular than his rival in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Rhodes has the first-time ever opportunity to prove himself and sway fans to his side with a crushing victory.

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