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Bayley sends an emotional message on Instagram, makes a heartfelt appeal to fans

ByRD Media

May 21, 2023

WWE Superstar Bayley recently took to social media to make a heartfelt remembrance post for her late friend. She also appealed to fans to light a candle on the occasion of her departed friend’s birthday.

Bayley revealed through a series of stories on Instagram that she lost her high school friend Meggie when the latter was only 17. The Role Model added that the incident changed her life forever.

On the occasion of her late friend’s 34th birthday, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion disclosed that she releases a balloon into the sky every year on the same day.

“Happy 34th birthday to one of my best friends in high school. We lost her when she was only 17. And it changed my life forever. I think about her a lot and how she would’ve taken over the world. I don’t take my days for granted one bit. I release a balloon into the sky every year, no matter where I am.”

The SmackDown star also urged the fans to light a candle for Meggie:

“Just sharing cause I love her!! And she wanted to be famous so I’m still trying to help her out. If you have a candle, let’s all light it together for Meggie,” Bayley added.

Bayley will compete for the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez recently had to relinquish the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship after the former suffered an injury. The match for the vacant tag title will take place on the May 29 edition of RAW, where Rodriguez can compete with a partner of her choosing.

The bout will be a Fatal Four-Way with Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green, Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler, and The Role Model & IYO SKY also in the mix.

Bayley has been chasing the tag title for a while. She and Dakota Kai recently challenged Morgan and Rodriguez for the gold but could not secure the victory. Currently, Dakota Kai is also out of action, and thus The Role Model will be teaming up with SKY.

Who do you think will win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship? Sound off below, and let us know your thoughts.

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