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“I don’t think an agent can put those matches together” – WWE Legend gets honest about SmackDown main event (Exclusive)

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May 21, 2023

WWE wrapped up the latest SmackDown episode with a high-octane affair between The Usos and Latino World Order. While reacting to the show on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk on WrestleBinge channel, Dutch Mantell said that the performers in the main event might not have even needed an agent to plan it out.

This week’s final match primarily revolved around the apparent heat between Roman Reigns and The Usos. The former tag team champions have suffered a few crushing losses of late, and the situation for worse as Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar beat them.

Dutch Mantell loved the SmackDown headliner and honestly believed the talents were so gifted that they could have put together the match on their own without a producer’s help.

The former WWE manager also noted that a defeat for The Usos did not hurt the duo as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had a role to play with a timely distraction.

“I thought that the Bloodline angle all through was very good. Their loss tonight doesn’t detract from them at all because it was camouflaged with Sami and Kevin coming in, and they get a win, they needed a win, and they got it. They did a lot of great false finishes; I mean, those were really, really well done. I don’t know who puts those matches together; I think they do. I don’t think an agent can put on those matches together. They know what they can do, so. I thought it was good, very, very, very good,” said Mantell. [From 36:10 to 37:00]

Dutch Mantell on SmackDown’s end featuring Roman Reigns

The Usos looked desolate after their SmackDown match against LWO, as they knew perfectly well that it had further affected their relations with Roman Reigns.

SmackDown went off the air with an unhappy Roman Reigns sitting in his dressing room as Jimmy and Jey Uso’s misery continued.

Dutch Mantell liked the finish, and while it was a subtle development, the veteran felt it progressed the issues within the Bloodline, which is visibly nearing a long-awaited implosion.

“At the end, they had Roman [Reigns] sitting there. What was he saying? My sound was messed up. He could have just been rambling because I think if it was really important, they would have seen it that they had a promo. But it advances the whole story. Nothing really changes,” said Mantell. “Now they have a stepping stone in telling the story, and a very good one tonight.” [From 37:11 – 38:20]

Are you enjoying how WWE has booked the long-drawn Samoan angle on SmackDown?

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