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“That BS is so tired” – Former WWE employee lashes out at Paul Heyman for his opening promo on RAW (Exclusive)

ByRD Media

May 23, 2023

Paul Heyman has opened this week’s RAW with a promo that instantly got heat from former WWE head writer Vince Russo.

The Wiseman again appeared on RAW after appearing as a special guest last week. Heyman hyped the upcoming Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia and claimed the show had three main events. He berated the fans before predicting that Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa would dethrone Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

On the latest Legion of RAW, Russo wondered why Heyman, being a creative genius, had to resort to getting cheap heat by insulting fans. The former writer stated that he had been to Hershey, PA, on several occasions and found the place charming, a stark contrast from how Paul described it during his promo.

“Bro, for the genius Paul Heyman is, like seriously everybody, we’re still going with cheap heat like, ‘This hellhole knows as Hershey, Pennsylvania.’ […] I’ve been to Hershey, Pennsylvania many many times. I liked it. Why is Hershey, Pennsylvania a hellhole? Because you’re a heel and you say it’s a hellhole. That BS is so tired, bro.” [1:04:00 – 1:04:30]

You can watch the full video here:

You can catch the full results of Monday Night RAW here.

Paul Heyman scurried off when Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens came out

While Paul Heyman delivered a fiery promo to kick off the show, he was soon interrupted by the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Sensing a bit of hostility, Heyman quickly left the ring and did not even hear what the champs had to say.

In fact, Sami and KO also addressed this when they got on the mic. Zayn claimed he had never seen anyone run away as fast as Heyman did as they came down the ramp.

The champs tried to create more rift within The Bloodline when they dedicated their upcoming match at Night of Champions against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa to The Usos.

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