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WWE RAW: What happened when Brock Lesnar crossed paths with 37-year-old star nearly four years ago?

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May 23, 2023

Brock Lesnar is one of the most decorated performers in WWE history. The Beast has won multiple world titles. He is a two-time Royal Rumble winner and a one-time Money in the Bank winner. Lesnar’s Money in the Bank win, however, came at the cost of a fellow star’s career-making monument.

The superstar in question is Mustafa Ali. Back in 2019, Ali was one of the eight participants in the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The 37-year-old free agent was inches away from grabbing the briefcase when Brock Lesnar’s music interrupted his moment.

Lesnar’s appearance took the entire arena by surprise. The Beast arrived alongside Paul Heyman and immediately got to work. Lesnar shoved the ladder, causing Mustafa Ali to land throat-first on the ring ropes. He then went to the top, unhooked the briefcase, and won the match.

Brock Lesnar’s shocking win at Money in the Bank 2019 led to an iconic moment the following night on WWE RAW. The Beast arrived with the briefcase to interrupt Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins and showed off some dance moves, pretending that the briefcase was a boombox. Lesnar would go on to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship.

Brock Lesnar had some advice for Mustafa Ali on WWE RAW

Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes before WWE RAW this week. The Beast took out The American Nightmare in the backstage area with a surprise attack. He then crushed Cody’s arm with a crate, seemingly breaking it in the process.

Lesnar once again appeared in the middle of the show. He was seen telling Mustafa Ali to “get a life kid” during Ali’s backstage interview segment with Byron Saxton. Lesnar entered the ring and announced an open challenge for Night of Champions.

Cody Rhodes showed up, his arm wrapped in an arm sling. The American Nightmare entered into a brawl with Lesnar. The Beast eventually got the upper hand and caught Rhodes in a Kimura Lock. The two men will meet at Night of Champions on May 27.

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