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What did Triple H tell Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW?

ByRD Media

May 23, 2023

The Night of Champions go-home episode of WWE RAW concluded with a man-to-man exchange between Triple H and Cody Rhodes. The Chief Content Officer tried to persuade Rhodes to get medical attention for his injury. The American Nightmare had a different idea.

Summarizing tonight’s events on WWE RAW, Brock Lesnar assaulted Rhodes backstage and downplayed his rival by issuing an Open Challenge for Night of Champions.

Later on, he seemingly broke Cody Rhodes’ arm with a Kimura Lock. Fans were worried about whether or not the rumored main event between Lesnar and Rhodes would happen, but their concerns were alleviated.

Triple H approached an incensed Cody Rhodes during a locker room segment on WWE RAW. He said that he knew the former Intercontinental Champion was afraid of getting medical treatment for his arm injury.

“You’re afraid that if the doctor comes here and tells you it’s broken, I am not gonna let you go [to] Night of Champions to face Brock Lesnar.”

“Over this? Over an arm?” yelled Cody. “My legs are working just fine. I will walk to the ring. C’mon!”

“You don’t have to prove anything to anybody here. This is not about how tough you are,” Triple H replied. ” It is not. I have watched you go into the ring with a torn pec against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. I’ve never seen anything like it. No question for a second how tough you are.”

“But this is different. Think about that year you spent on the shelf. A year out of your career, out of your life.”

For those unaware, Cody Rhodes suffered a legitimate pectoral muscle tear during an episode of WWE RAW before Hell in Cell 2022. It got worse while training. While he fought and won the match against Seth Rollins, he took seven months to recover afterward.

Cody Rhodes gave a befitting reply to Triple H on WWE RAW, earning him the veteran’s respect

The No.1 babyface on the roster, Cody Rhodes, is undoubtedly the highlight of Monday Night RAW. His popularity stems from his respect for fans and his adamant nature. A similar display was seen tonight, albeit in a non-wrestling role.

“I understand. That year was terrible. You know what’s far worse? What would happen to me if I just came back as a coward, if I just came back to Monday Night RAW a complete shadow of myself if I didn’t go to Night of Champions and fight,” said Rhodes in the segment with Triple H.

Cody Rhodes then asked Triple H how he would’ve handled the situation if he was in his place. The Game did get his arm broken by Brock Lesnar once, but he avenged it at WrestleMania 29 in a No Hold Barred contest.

Taking his case to fuel his motivation, Rhodes declared he was going to the Night of Champions.

The King of Kings remained silent. To end the segment on WWE RAW tonight, he tapped The American Nightmare on his back as a gesture of appreciation.

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