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“Make Sable suffer” – Fans have some suggestions for Brandi Rhodes after Brock Lesnar’s ruthless attack on Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW

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May 23, 2023

WWE fans sent a bunch of suggestions to Cody Rhodes’s wife, Brandi Rhodes, following Brock Lesnar’s vicious attack on The American Nightmare on Monday Night RAW.

Mere days before Night of Champions, Lesnar brutalized Cody Rhodes, and fans are worried for the latter’s well-being. The Beast first launched a surprise attack on Rhodes in a backstage area and continued the attack when the duo later met in the ring.

A helpless Brandi Rhodes could do nothing but watch Brock Lesnar’s unforgiving attack on her husband. She took to Twitter and shared the following in response to the attack:

Cody Rhodes is still determined to face Brock Lesnar

The final segment of WWE RAW saw Triple H entering Cody’s room and having a heartfelt chat with him. The Game tried to convince Cody that he was badly hurt and needed medical attention.

Cody wouldn’t budge, though, and made it clear to Triple H that he was going to Night of Champions this Saturday to face The Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar turned heel on the RAW after WrestleMania 39 and attacked Rhodes seconds before their showdown with The Bloodline. Cody later had a chat with GameSpot and had the following to say about his rivalry with Lesnar:

“I think Brock Lesnar’s not aware of anything about me, other than the fact that I came into WWE and lit it up. And at the time I did that, he was in the main event against Roman Reigns and really pulling the wagon and being one of the biggest stars in the history of the sport. And some people look at that and go, ‘Oh, great, we got this guy, he’s gonna help us this is a good thing. We’ve got this new addition.’ I believe, judging from where we are now, Brock looked at it and just thought somebody was trying to get at his plate, somebody was trying to get at his food.” [H/T GameSpot]

Cody then faced Lesnar at Backlash 2023 and picked up a surprise win over the WWE veteran. This was quite possibly the biggest win of Rhodes’ career as a wrestler.

The feud is far from over, though, and The Beast is hell-bent on destroying Rhodes in Saudi Arabia. It remains to be seen if Cody will manage to put down Brock Lesnar once again.

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