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WWE discussing Cody Rhodes vs top name for WrestleMania 40 main event, and it’s not Roman Reigns – Reports

ByRD Media

May 23, 2023

As per reports, there have been internal discussions about a potential Gunther vs. Cody Rhodes match for next year’s WrestleMania.

The Ring General had a strong showing in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match. He was the final participant to be eliminated by the eventual winner, Cody Rhodes. While The American Nightmare headlined WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns, Gunther successfully defended his Intercontinental title against Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in a triple threat match.

As per a report by WRKD Wrestling, there have been discussions about pitting these two men in the main event of WWE WrestleMania 40 next year. The report further states that the match would be RAW’s main event if it ends up happening.

This could mean that Roman Reigns might still be involved in the final match of The Show of Shows, with Gunther vs. Rhodes getting the Night 1 main event spot.

“While it’s still early, discussions have taken place for #WWERaw’s main event for WrestleMania 40 to potentially be Cody Rhodes vs. Gunther. Both superstars have expressed interest in working with each other in the past and are seen as the top face and heel on the Raw roster.”

Gunther is interested in a match with Cody Rhodes

The Austrian star appeared on an episode of After The Bell podcast earlier this year. He had the following to say about a potential match with Cody Rhodes:

“Obviously, it does. When I knew that scenario would go down with me and Cody at the end, I knew he was out for a little bit, and since then I was able to work my way up and I had to introduce him to the new reality. That was my attitude going into it. Obviously, that was just a taste for everybody. Cody is one of those guys where, that’s a perfect match for me. Perfect opposites, if that makes sense. The match is right there whenever it needs to happen. If it happens in Europe, that would be fantastic,” he said.

Gunther lasted for 71 minutes and 25 seconds in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match. It certainly must have stung him to lose the free-for-all to Rhodes, who entered at #30.

This match has the potential to be a banger and would certainly be deserving of the main event spot on the WrestleMania 40 card.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Gunther vs. Rhodes as the main event of WrestleMania 40? Share in the comment section below.

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